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The first of The Mountain Walker Diaries series encapsulates the journeys of Ameen Shaikh, a Bonafide Himachali, across Shimla, Kullu, Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti, and Chamba districts.


“For me, it was like a rebirth; born and brought up in Shimla, I had hiked and walked and explored extensively but on day-trips or drives-cum-hikes. This would be my first long-distance, high-altitude trek at the ripe age of 34. Now that the moment was almost here, all the guidelines and motivating speeches from the previous weeks simply evaporated into thin air. And I felt scared — scared of the unknown, unsure of my endurance, doubtful of my capabilities.”

This first of “The Mountain Walker Diaries” series encapsulates the journeys of Ameen Shaikh, a “Bonafide” Himachali certificate holder, who got the opportunity to come back after more than 15 years of being away in the plains, to roam around his “home state”, covering a wide range of geographical, ethnical, and historical places, and collecting innumerable wonderful memories of so many different people, vistas, experiences, and lessons.


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  1. This book keeps you on your toes, I was always excited to know where is he going to go and what is he going to do next. It was also relaxing to know that he was with very experienced people around. Loved the pictures , these pictures fill in the blanks of your imagination. I would have loved to see a map too. Keep up the great work ShaikSpear.

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