Mountain Walker services include Standard Packages, Travel Consultancy, Customised Itineraries and The Mountain Walking Experiences. We at The Mountain Walker believe that there is no fixed season or time to travel to the mountains. Based on an individual’s preferences, each and every destination can be visited throughout the year. All destinations and journeys at The Mountain Walker are focused on travel and mountain experiences and activities, rather than ticking check boxes with the popular tourist attractions.

  • Standard Packages:

These packages are focused on popular destinations and include stay at luxury properties, travel in comfortable personal transportation, visiting regular tourist attractions and nearby locales. The itineraries of these packages are fixed.

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  • Travel Consultancy:

Through our experience of the good and bad of travel, we at The Mountain Walker offer our insights and inputs to help travellers get the best out of their trip. We require you to answer a simple questionnaire and based on our study of your response for a nominal fees, we would suggest ideal travel itineraries. The traveller is free to organize the suggested trip on their own or we can recommend specifics if requested.

Further details on Travel Consultancy is available on request by sending an email to

  • Customised Itineraries:

As the next phase of the Travel Consultancy service, The Mountain Walker will plan, organize and execute the customized trip for the traveller. These trips will facilitate getting the maximum out of the journey and the destinations.

Further details on Customised Itineraries is available on request by sending an email to

  • The Mountain Walking Experiences:

Travellers are invited to join The Mountain Walker team during one of the 3-4 trips in a year. The trips will have a draft route map but no fixed itineraries/schedules. We will keep adapting and altering the journey as we experience different local flavours and adventures. These trips will have limited seats available for interested travellers and The Mountain Walker reserves the full right to decide who can be a part of The Mountain Walking Experience.

Further details on The Mountain Walking Experiences is available on request by sending an email to

The various experiences during travel, whether tangible or intangible, define the value of the trip and we at The Mountain Walker charge for the value that we bring out and provide to the traveller.


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