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Beautiful People Make A Beautiful Land

September 19, 2017; Day 3, Spiti Festival:  It’s the third and final day of the Spiti Festival in Kaza. Today’s chief guest is the Tehsildar of Spiti. After the traditional welcome, he […]


Roping Up on a Stiff Climb

Day-5 Maantalai to Parvati Base Camp: The one thing that I have learnt by observing our guides and support staff on treks and expeditions over the years – Walk at your own […]

“We May Be From Small Cities, But Our Aspirations Are Not Small – All We Need Is Opportunity”

This week, The Mountain Walker begins a new series on the aspirations, thoughts, learnings, and the world view of youngsters from the Himalayan states of India. Over the last few years, scores […]

The Wayfarer Diaries: Of Tradition, Popular Music, and New Talent 

18-09-2017 Day 2 Spiti Festival: The people of Spiti really enjoy music, dancing and singing! They love it to such an extent that they have songs and dances for all occasions and […]

An Easy Walk to Maantalai

Day-4 Oddithach to Maantalai: Tired after the strenuous third day, we decided to leave an hour late today. This gave us opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning at Oddithach camp. As the […]

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