The Mountain Walker Christmas Escapade

This winter, celebrate the festive season in a unique style by joining The Mountain Walker team on a specially curated Christmas Escapade tour. The 9-day trip will take one through the beautiful winter-scapes of Kinnaur and into the ever mesmerising Spiti valley, where the entire group will spend a memorable Christmas holiday together in bonhomie.

Prices starting at Rs. 34,499/- per person all inclusive (terms and conditions apply).

The Journey Starts (Day 1, 21-Dec-2019, Chandigarh to Rampur)

Plunge straight into the holiday mode with the group assembly, initial introductions, and departure from Chandigarh latest by 10:00 am. Zoom along the Himalayan Expressway into Himachal Pradesh and gradually ease in as we travel across Shimla and Narkanda, finally settling down for the day next to the banks of the mighty Sutlej river at Rampur… The journey of a lifetime is on.


Thrill On The Road (DAY 2, 22-DEC-2019, RAMPUR to Tabo)

Observe the various modes of Sutlej River on this day as we move into and across Kinnaur, along the precarious Taranda Dhank, and then reach Khab to see the confluence of Sutlej and Spiti rivers. Enjoy the Ka-Zigs that bring us into Hangrang Valley, with the notorious Malling Nallah crossing keeping you hooked. We foray into Spiti Valley along some of the most enticing mountain sceneries… The thrills of the day are worth the effort.


The Land In The Middle (DAY 3, 23-DEC-2019, Tabo TO Kaza)

Head deeper into the heart of Spiti, visiting Tabo and Dhankar monasteries, watching the confluence of Spiti and Pin rivers, gazing at Mother Nature’s artwork, with possible excursions  towards Lalung Monastery and Pin Valley, and finally reach Kaza… The Land In The Middle awaits to embrace you with all its charm and beauty.


Himalayan Lifestyle (DAY 4, 24-DEC-2019, Kaza TO Kibber)

A day for basics, although with the prefix “Highest”. Witness locals making the best of the day, prioritising and working on necessities for survival at Hikkim (Highest Post Office In The World), Komic (Highest Motor-able Village In The World), Langza (fossil-rich region), and finally Kibber… The definition and meaning of Lifestyle has an entirely different level of interpretation and implementation here.


Snow Leopard Safari (DAY 5, 25-DEC-2019, KIBBER to Kibber)

Well, you may or may not see a Snow Leopard, but the thrill is really in the chase. On our first trip, we sighted a Snow Leopard coming up a slope, walking across the road, staring at us, and then walking up the slope. The year after, we chased the trail, didn’t see one, but spotted Himalayan Red Fox, and Blue Sheep, among a lot of other Himalayan wildlife… Straining the eyes all around is the agenda for the day.


Exploring Iconic Locations (DAY 6, 26-DEC-2019, KIBBER TO Kaza)

A quaint village lying across a scary gorge on the mountain-side opposite Kibber, recently connected by a much awaited bridge; a monastery that is sometimes difficult to differentiate from the mountain it is built on, and that has endured numerous natural and human induced calamities… Chicham and Key Monastery are Spiti’s iconic locations in their own right.


Retrospection (DAY 7, 27-DEC-2019, Kaza TO Kalpa)

Turning around to return, but sights of the frozen Nako Lake, winter walks in Kalpa, interaction with centuries-old culture and traditions, awe-inspiring views of the majestic Kinner Kailash range… The setting is ideal to think about the days gone by, for the past helps shape what is to come next.


Reconnection (DAY 8, 28-DEC-2019, KALPA to SHimla)

After the hard-work of a week in challenging conditions, the drive to Shimla, with local dhaba food-stops is a welcome on-the-road recovery experience… Gradually reconnect with the world you had left behind.


Back To The Future (DAY 9, 29-DEC-2019, SHIMLA to Chandigarh)

Head back to your home fully recharged, rejuvenated, re-energised… Get ready to meet the future that awaits you, with all the memories and learnings from the trip giving you the fuel to achieve your dreams.

The Price is valid for a minimum group of 4 participants.

In case there are lesser number of participants, the tour can still be conducted on payment of an amount which will be naturally higher than the price quoted for the standard group of 4 participants.


Pricing Inclusions:

  • Travel from Chandigarh to Chandigarh for 9 days as per Itinerary in Mahindra Xylo (maximum 4 participants in one vehicle).
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis at Rampur (Basic); Tabo, Kaza and Kibber (Homestay), Kalpa (Basic/Homestay) and Shimla (Deluxe) as per Itinerary.
  • Buffet/pre-ordered meals for entire Itinerary (breakfast, snacks pack/lunch, dinner, morning and evening tea), starting with lunch on 21-Dec-2019 and ending with breakfast on 29-Dec-2019.
  • Medical assistance, first aid in case of minor injuries and illness.
  • Guides and support staff.
  • GST @ 5%
  • All necessary permissions and permits.

Pricing Exclusions:

  • Transportation from hometown to Chandigarh and back.
  • Stay in Chandigarh on 20-Dec-2019.
  • Any additional stay in Chandigarh on and/or after 29-Dec-2019.
(The tour will start from Chandigarh at 10:00 am on 21-Dec-2019 and end at Chandigarh at 12:00 pm on 29-Dec-2019. All participants are expected to report at Chandigarh on time. The Mountain Walker can help to make the required onward and return bookings to/from Chandigarh, and accommodation arrangements at additional costs as applicable).
  • Breakfast on 21-Dec-2019 and lunch on 29-Dec-2019.
  • Extra meals ordered/any meal which is not a part of the package.  
  • Food and accommodation for extra days during the tour due to extended stay caused by bad weather and/or any circumstances outside the control of The Mountain Walker (Participants will be charged for these extra days).
  • Medical and Travel insurance.
  • Contingency charges in case of delay due to weather/accident, illness of self or any other group member, act of God, or any situation which is out of control of The Mountain Walker.
  • Soft beverages, laundry charges, telephone expenses, souvenirs, collectibles bought during the course of the trip, any and all personal expenses.
  • Tips paid to any party during the course of the program tour.
  • Camera fees and any monument entrance fees.
  • Any personal equipment required for the tour.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Pricing Inclusions”.

 Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Our payment terms are 100% advance.
  • The trip will be confirmed and conducted only after receipt of full payment as specified in the quotation.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 100% refund if cancellation is done 30 days before start of the trip.
  • 50% refund if cancellation is done 15 days before start of the trip.
  • No refund if cancellation is done less than 14 days before start of the trip.
The Mountain Walker is not responsible for change in schedule/non completion of day’s activity/cancellation of trip in case of any events outside its control.
The trip (and associated activities) will be undertaken under full responsibility of the individual travellers and The Mountain Walker will not be responsible or liable for any incidents.

Mandatory Conditions:

  • As most of the accommodation during the tour will be in home stays, proper decorum has to be mandatorily maintained during overnight halts.
  • No smoking in public areas and prohibited places, whether explicitly mentioned or not.
  • No usage of plastic and items made from plastic during the duration of the tour.
  • No littering at any place, in any means, at any time, under any circumstances, during the duration of the tour.

Non-Compliance with any and/or all of the directives outlined above will result in participant being denied to proceed further in the tour.

The decision of The Mountain Walker Team Leader on any and all matters related to tour schedule, activities, decorum, etc. will be final and binding on all participants.

  • Carry valid Photo ID proof (Aadhaar/Passport) in original at all times. Foreign Nationals should mandatorily carry Passport with travel visa details. 
  • Carry 2 photocopies per person of your Photo ID proof for applications of permits and other permissions.
  • Carry 2 passport size photographs per person for the applications of permits and other permissions.
  • Make sure that the phone numbers of The Mountain Walker team and drivers are available with you at all times.
  • Mobile network is available in Kinnaur and Spiti but connectivity is limited to major inhabited places. Some mobile service provider networks will work in Kinnaur, but only BSNL will work in Spiti.
  • Respect local culture, traditions and religion.
  • Maintain decorum at all monasteries.
  • Check for permissions to shoot videos and click photographs in religious places, and of local people.
  • Ensure you have sufficient cash with you at all times as cards might not work everywhere.
  • Carry all personal supplies from your hometown. Markets in Kaza have limited supply during the winters.
  • Consult your doctor and carry appropriate medicines with valid prescription for any allergies, common ailments and minor injuries. Inform The Mountain Walker team in advance about these medical conditions and the prescribed medicines.
  • In case you have motion sickness problems, please ensure that you take the appropriate medicine on the night before travel, or in the morning, just before the drive begins.
  • There might be a possibility of high altitude sickness issues affecting you during the tour. However, there are a few basic things that need to be followed in order to help in better acclimatisation:
    • Drink plenty of water during the day. Ideally it should be at least double the amount that you would normally have at your home location. Spiti is very dry and the body needs more water in cold environment.
    • Do not skip any meals. In fact, increase your normal calorie intake as you burn more calories in high altitudes and cold temperatures.
    • Do not rest or sleep as soon as you reach a higher altitude. Be moderately active at the new height as it will help in better acclimatisation.
    • In case you experience mild headache on reaching high altitudes, please drink warm water with garlic cloves / garlic soup.
  • If you face any medical issues before or during the program tour, no matter how small, please inform The Mountain Walker team immediately.
  • Only dry toilets are available in Spiti in winters, hence please carry toilet paper. Water is also scarcely available and bathing for personal hygiene is not possible. Wet wipes can be used for cleaning body parts. It is to be strictly ensured that the wet wipes/disposable undergarments are properly disposed off.
  • Carry everything in a backpack, and make sure not to carry heavy or excess material.
  • The expected temperatures will be below zero once we reach Kinnaur. Spiti will be mostly frozen during the period of our travel.
  • Be prepared for the cold in advance, rather than react when it hits you/you start feeling it.
  • Please change any wet clothing immediately. Body loses more heat in wet clothing.
  • In cold conditions, wear more layers of clothing, rather than one single thick layer.
  • Thick soled, ankle high and waterproof comfortable walking shoes are compulsory. No slippers, sandals are allowed.
  • Wear sunglasses whenever going out in sun and snow.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear cap/hat during daytime and woollen cap after sunset.
  • Always cover your head and chest from cold.
  • Please maintain above average health and fitness before the commencement of the tour.