Treks and Expeditions

The best way to explore and enjoy the beauty of the mountains is by walking. For people who are interested in taking that one extra step to walk through these mountains, our team will help them out by planning and organising day hikes, multiple day treks and high altitude treks in the Himalayas with the help of local guides and tour operators. The team will also guide you through the process of training and preparing for these activities that require extra personal equipment and basic fitness levels.

Brief information on these activities in mentioned below for reference:

Hiking: It is the shortest of the walking trips. Normally hikes vary in duration from half a day to one day. In most of the cases, one starts and ends the hike at the same place. The walking trails during hikes are well defined and minimum equipment is required.

Trekking: Simply put, a trek is a multiple-day hike from one place to another, on defined trails or through snow, ice or moraines. Some basic technical equipment such as camping and cooking equipment is required for a trek. Since a trek is done over multiple days, it is physically more demanding than a hike.

Mountaineering: It is the toughest of the walking trips. It is also conducted over multiple days but requires some level of technical training and also far better physical fitness, especially the adaptability of the body to low oxygen at heights. Technical training is required to walk or climb through ice, snow or rocks using special equipment. Further, the risks due to weather and altitude are also high in this activity.


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