Glitch in the Plan

Delhi, 07 September 2016, 0940 hours:

Got an sms from Indian Railway saying that the train I’m supposed to take from Delhi to Kalka tonight (Train No. 12311, Howrah Kalka Mail) departed 7 hours late from Howrah itself. This calls for a tweak in plans.

So, let’s get our priorities sorted:

1. I want to travel by the Shivalik Express of the Kalka Shimla Railway from Kalka to Shimla.

2. I want to reach Khatnol asap.

And, in order to achieve the above, I’ll travel by road to Kalka tonight.

The alternative I had:

  1. Board the Howrah Kalka Mail at whatever time it reached Delhi.
  2. Catch the connecting Kalka Shimla Railway train at whatever time I reached Kalka.
  3. Reach Shimla at God knows what time
  4. Leave for Khatnol at the earliest from Shimla

Not everything goes as per plan. But that’s when travel gets interesting.


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