Spiti Reopens for Tourism Activities

The wait is over as Spiti Tourism Society has decided to allow entry of tourists and resume tourism activities in Spiti Valley from 17 February 2021 following the below mentioned guidelines and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure): 

  1. Entry to Kibber village and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary has been prohibited till further notice. 
  2. It is requested that every person gets a valid RAT/RT-PCR test done at an authorised COVID Lab/Hospital 72 to 96 hours prior to entering into the Valley. In case travel agents and tour operators are involved, they will be responsible to ensure compliance of the SOP by travellers. 
  3. In case of FIT’s, drivers and guides who are not aware of the SOPs, they will need to report to the Government Hospital and get a COVID test done. This will have to be ensured by the people hosting such travellers at Spiti, and the travellers would be allowed to go out for sightseeing only after a negative COVID report has been confirmed. 
  4. Lastly, all travellers are requested to maintain proper hygiene and follow social distancing norms as being practised since the start of the pandemic. Wearing masks will be compulsory in public places and outside hotels and home stay rooms ensuring the traveller’s own safety as well as that of the people of Spiti. 

So book your tour now, pack your bags and follow the SOPs as the heart warming people of Spiti Valley await for your arrival to their home.

Spiti Valley awaits your arrival
Spiti Valley awaits your arrival; Photo Credit: Sonam Gyalson, Kaza

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