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Beautiful People Make A Beautiful Land

September 19, 2017; Day 3, Spiti Festival:  It’s the third and final day of the Spiti Festival in Kaza. Today’s chief guest is the Tehsildar of Spiti. After the traditional welcome, he […]


The Wayfarer Diaries: Of Tradition, Popular Music, and New Talent 

18-09-2017 Day 2 Spiti Festival: The people of Spiti really enjoy music, dancing and singing! They love it to such an extent that they have songs and dances for all occasions and […]

Spiti Festival 2017: Preserving Ancient Culture

17-09-2017 Day 1 Spiti Festival 2017: What happens when Development and Technology meet Traditional Culture and Ancient Ways of life? Progress. Prosperity. New Directions. And some times, it also leads to a […]

The Long Day On A Hard New Trail

Day-3 Tundabhuj to Oddithach: “Life is a either a daring adventure or nothing.” – This famous quote by Helen Keller perfectly describes our Day-3 trek to Oddithach. The Pin Parvati Pass trek […]

Dancing to the Navami Beats

30-09-2017, Boileauganj, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India: For the very first time, Boileauganj Welfare Society organised an event on the eve of Ram Navami at the Boileauganj ground. The event featured Vicky Chauhan […]

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