Mountain Walking

The River Wild 

And where does the power come from? This power that shapes everything around?

When the path is wide,

When the wind is strong

When the mind is stormy

When the world around is crumbling.

This Power that is always there

Guiding us, shaping us, shepherding us.

Where does it come from?

The River it runs Wild

Wild always and in abandon

The River it runs True

True to its will and its own spirit

The River it runs to Life

Life as it knows and makes it.

The River it runs Wild.

So where does the power come from?

To do as you please,

To fight and to stay free?

To let others be free!

And to just be me?

From Within.

The power comes from Within

It comes from Within.

And it comes from running wild.

The River it runs Wild.

The River it runs Wild.

And wild it stays Within.

The River it forever runs Wild.

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