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Shaali Tibba – So what’s all the Hoo-Haa about…!?? 

Every once in a while, we at The Mountain Walker keep talking about Shaali Tibba. So what is it about the place that keeps us occupied always…!??

Shaali Tibba has been a part of The Mountain Walker journeys, and a part of each of The Mountain Walker team member’s life, not today, not yesterday, not in March 2016 (the first Mountain Walking Experience), but much much much earlier.

For the uninitiated, Shaali Tibba is a prominent peak that can be seen from The Ridge in Shimla, looking to the north. It looks close enough but just that far, only the upper portion of the mountain side visible. An even better view can be had from Charabra, near the gate of Wildflower Hall Resort, on the way to Kufri. And the view that one gets from here shows the entire mass of the mountain, right from the valley below straight up to the peak. One can see a road twisting across the face of the mountain, with small villages strewn across the shoulders and gulleys. The roads disappears roughly half way up the mountain. And the peak – It looks “accessible”.


View of Shaali Tibba in the monsoon; Photo: sanjay mukherjee

And being accessible is good, for this hike is one of the best local excursions around Shimla for the interested to check their mettle. Many hikers and trekkers over the years have ignored Shaali Tibba as an irrelevant, simple hike. Well, I’ve done it four times and am planning to do the same this time round. And I don’t speak for the experienced ones – I speak for the regulars, the ones who have the desire to explore themselves, to be out there, to do something more than usual but not too much too soon.

In the next few posts, I’ll share my experiences of climbing Shaali Tibba at different times of my life. Maybe some of you travelers out there will go ahead and climb the peak too… For the hike will give a different pleasure each time you visit the area.

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