ShaikhSpear Diaries: The Road To Kharapathar

11:10 am, 13-Feb-2019, Kharapathar, Himachal Pradesh, India:

As I am starting to write this post, I realise that quite a lot of my posts start with “The last time I was here”… But since that’s the way it is anyway, so here it goes…

The last time I was here in Kharapathar was more than 10 years ago. We had reached here late in the evening, and had even driven towards Giriganga in the middle of the night. The reason for that particular journey was different so the memories are different.

The condition of the road that time was horrendous and I remember how it was a strenuous drive for me too (I have always been a passenger in all our road trips and my energies have been spent just enjoying the views).

This time round, the road from Theog to Kharapathar has been a pleasure. There was just one bad patch where the car had to crawl across a badly rutted muddy slick patch. Thereafter, it was back to smooth tarmac surface across wide raid sections with comforting crash barricades lining the gorge side.

Checking out the location of Kiari village (once famous for being the village with the highest per capita income in Asia)

Quite a lot of snow could be seen along the sides of road as we neared Kharapathar. The best way to gauge the depth of the snowfall is to look at the accumulated snow on some rock, or in the present modern times, on the retaining wall.

Climbing up towards Kharapathar along nice wide roads

Promising signs of what to expect higher up the mountain

We will pick up some essentials from the market now and then start walking up towards Giriganga.

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