Reflections on Stone Art

Himalayan Photo Art

This new Himalayan Photo Art weekly post is an interesting journey for me. Traveling in the mountains always throws up so many unique sights that one tends to capture them either by clicking photographs, or just storing them in their memory. The wide variety of Mother Nature’s elements in different avatars are such a pleasure to witness that we all have our own preferences on which element we decide to keep looking out for every time we travel – trees, flowers, fruits, water bodies, etc.

In my case, my own memory, as well as a look at the repository of photographs taken during different trips to the Himalayas (that could be part of the Himalayan Photo Art series), pointed out that I have an affinity for stones of a particular colour and shape. Although I didn’t necessarily realise the significance of the individual images when they were shot, when I take a look at them now, I’m somewhat amazed to see the similarity in the thought pattern behind the shots. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that the following images were taken at 3 different places, at 3 different times of the year over a duration of 2 years, during 3 different trips that I had undertaken. What a way to introspect and realise the distinctive trait of one’s thoughts and actions over extended periods of time.

This stone with its rounded shape, colour, and patterns, appeared like the head of a huge python as I was roaming on the banks of Baspa River near Chitkul, Sangla Valley in March 2016; Photo: Ameen Shaikh
Even if this bright round stone wasn’t kept onto the rock by some devout passerby on the Bhabha Pass trail between Baldar and Mudh, I believe I still would have been able to spot it out when I was there in September 2016; Photo: Ameen Shaikh
An alien skull, or maybe another python head, but this stone instantly drew me to itself as I was trekking from Pin Base Camp to Mudh during the Pin Parvati Pass Trek in September 2017; Photo: Ameen Shaikh
A different view of the same stone as the shine, patterns and hues continued to keep me allured during the trek from Pin Base Camp to Mudh during the Pin Parvati Pass Trek in September 2017; Photo: Ameen Shaikh